Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life. Picasso

Wine and Design - Hosts wanted for home parties!

Does anyone have party room sitting empty in a condo? Large groups are welcome!

Welcome to an evening of Wine and Design. This is the next creative step in Social Art!

I bring all the materials to your home. Invite some friends, set out a few snacks and some wine and make room at the table. I supply the rest! Choose from a variety of workshops. The great thing about these events is that you need NO talent or previous experience to be successful, yet your work is individual - no two are alike! So many of us are afraid to try something new for fear of failure. It's time to get over it! Expressive arts are freeing and a great way to learn how to play again.

It's a great way to socialize and a good time is guaranteed. Choose your own workshop. Instruction provided for all workshops but also the freedom to tap into your own creativity. Some of these might not seem like your 'cup of tea' but once you start playing, you will be surprised at how energized you feel...or relaxed!!

1. Collage on Canvas - take home your own canvas! Rip, tear, paste. Repeat! It's that easy and very therapeutic. I bring all the supplies but feel free to bring any photographs or favourite quotes.

2. Alcohol Inks - these amazing inks are the best! Just a lovely way to play with colour, one drip at a time!                       Take home two greeting cards and a framed piece of art! (Yes, you CAN do it)!

3. Vision Boards - Think about what kind of things you would like to invite into your life. Cut and paste - just enjoy the creative process!

4. Watercolours are easy! Explore how to use colour to achieve different effects and enjoy the process! Take home a bookmark, some gorgeous cards and a framed original piece of art.

5. Puppet making! I bring all the 'beautiful and interesting stuff' that you will need. Take home a gift for a child or a special person - or keep it to remind yourself of your inner muse!

6. Parent and Child - When was the last time you unplugged together? Do you know how to engage with your child in a creative way? Come and play together, be creative and connect in a meaningful way. Lot's of fun!


Art journaling is a great way to unwind. Discover the joy of working with pencil crayons, the fun of using watercolours freely and experimenting with pastels! Write, cut, paste and stamp, or try fancy fonts and stencils. Do a little journaling or add some photos. Express yourself in a whole new way!

Bring some of your own personal mementos if you wish.


Involvement: Complete focus and concentration, either due to innate curiosity or as the result of training.

Delight: A sense of bliss and positive detachment from everyday reality.

Clarity: Great inner clarity and a sense of well-being.

Confidence: An innate sense that the activity is doable and that your skills are adequate. Reduces anxiety and boredom.

Serenity: A sense of peace and an absence of worries about self.

Timeliness: Thorough focus on the present and a lack of attention to the passing of time.

Motivation: Intrinsic understanding about what needs to be done and a desire to keep playing.

Why colour?  Did you know that your brain experiences relief by entering a meditative state while you colour? Stress and anxiety levels have the potential to be lowered. Many psychologists and therapists often suggest colouring as a relaxation and calming tool. A colouring party with others is a delightful way to spend time and unwind!  All supplies are included in this workshop! Get a group together now!

Colouring, conversation, coffee and a cupcake! The 4Cs for optimum relaxation and enjoyment!  

Art for Children - so much to choose from!

Whether it's a birthday party or an art lesson for a group or a whole class, these activities will be sure to delight your children. Each child will have a masterpiece to take home. Choose from a wide range of super ideas.  All events will be customized to suit the occasion. Please contact us for more information.


Art journaling for children combines written language and visual language to develop expression and understanding.

It's the combination of art making and journaling with the intention to create greater insight and understanding of the self and others. Art journaling is about self expression of emotions and thoughts. It is relaxing and reduces stress.


"I would like to do this in my home! It's inspiring to do something creative." Barb B.

"I arranged a 'wine and design' evening with my friends. Christine arrived with everything needed. There was no work for me and I had the opportunity to sit and relax also. We were all so 'zen' as we ripped apart gorgeous paper napkins and added some fun quotes as we layered and glued on our canvas. Christine provided guidance and inspiration and there were many comments around the room as we worked. "We should do this once a month!" Thanks Christine - we look forward to the next one." Andrea J.


"I was lucky enough to be invited to a 'wine and design' night hosted by Creativity Matters and it was awesome! The fact that everything was provided made it much easier for me to be creative. Christine was knowledgeable, kind and so helpful as I struggled to get back in touch with my creativity. I would absolutely attend another event hosted by Creativity Matters, as should anyone who is looking for a great evening with friends." Pam L