Professional Development for Educators

A Schoolwide Art Project - where every student has a voice!

Who could possibly benefit from a fresh infusion of creativity?   

Answer: Teachers, Educational Assistants, Early Childhood Educators, Program Coordinators and Parents.

During my teaching career I took a sabbatical to develop my own professional development. At that time I had the opportunity to present workshops for teachers across Ontario through the Elementary Teachers' Federation, both at the local and provincial levels. The focus was always on visual art, and its integration into the curriculum through science, social studies, language arts and math. It is very gratifying to be able to revisit the letters and testimonials I received at the time and to rekindle my passion. I am so pleased to offer workshops for educators once again. 

Past Testimonials from ETFO

"Your leadership brought the curriculum to life and provided them with the support they needed to implement curriculum meaningfully with their students."

 J. Taylor OTF/FEO Curriculum Summer Institutes

"Your workshops were absolutely excellent - your reputation obviously preceded you."

 D. Krook Upper Grand ETFO Local

"The feedback from our members speaks to the high quality of the presentationsand expertise you bring."

 Emily Noble, President, ETFO 

Attention: Parent & School Councils

Are you looking for a way to build community in your school?

Every child deserves recognition, and an art display within your school, or out in the community, provides an opportunity for an audience beyond the classroom.

Contact us to customize an event at your school.

Could your school benefit from an Art Display?

Last spring, four hundred children from two schools in East Ferris, Ontario, had the thrill of bringing their families and friends to view their art at the local arena. 

As the guest artist I was invited to paint with each class in their two local schools. Their art was displayed at the East Ferris Trade Show. They were so proud to be participants at this wonderful community event!                                                                             

Bulletin Boards can make an instant statement!

What do your bulletin boards say about you and your school?

How can you showcase your favourite picture book?

When Marisol wants to paint the sky for a mural in her school, she finds out that there is no blue paint.

So what do you think she does? Read Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds to find the answer, or take a look at the mural below, designed by a grade 2 class.

Teachers, Early Childhood Educators and Educational Assistants can relax and experiment with a variety of art materials, while learning at a Creativity Matters after school workshop.

If you do not enjoy teaching art, this workshop is for YOU!

A new term ahead!

Jazz up your classrooms with amazing art displays while integrating visual arts with other subjects.

Language arts, math, social studies and science can be incorporated with art so that many strands of the curriculum are covered in a meaningful way. 


Have fun as you create some exciting pieces of art and learn how to cover the expectations of the visual art curriculum with ease with this 'Hands on - Make it and Take it' workshops for elementary teachers.

Full day: 9:00-4:00 - $75.00

Half day: 9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00 - $40.00