About Christine Bretherick 

Art Education has always been my passion. I have enjoyed teaching art for many years and love everything about the creative process. My workshops and classes are designed for adults who would like to try something new, or for those who wish to simply rekindle the pleasure of creating art. Painting parties in public places have shown that there is a great need for social art. Whether it's painting, collage, doodling or colouring, creating art together is a wonderful way to express oneself while having fun or building community.

I provide classes and workshops for children and adults to help them discover the transformative power of expressing themselves through art.

I look forward to many creative adventures and invite you to join me on my journey.

Christine Bretherick                                                                               christine@creativitymatters.ca

Why Art?

How can Art and Creativity improve your life?

1. Meet new people.

2. Develop a sense of purpose - try out a new skill.

3. Build self esteem - the process of learning and overcoming challenges boosts confidence.

4.  Improves mental health and improves mood.

Research has shown that participation in art can reduce pain and anxiety. Studies have shown the connection between art and health with reductions in stress and improvements in self image.

June 5 - Guelph Women in Networking, Annual Fundraiser

Join us for 'Wine and Design' a fun-filled evening of creativity at Springfields, 2054 Gordon Street, Guelph. Your registration includes dinner, a glass of wine, and a collage on canvas that you will create yourself. 

These events are always wonderful - hope you can join us.

Please register on the GWIN website.

It was a wonderful evening at eBar at The Bookshelf, Guelph. A host of Grade 1 & 2 students from Victory Public School were there to show off their art, explain what they had learned and had an opportunity to speak publicly before a large gathering of family and friends. These students had been involved in  'The Water Friendship Project' and had learned so much about becoming stewards of their environment. I was able to enjoy painting water landscapes with 80 little students who were very pleased to have their voices expressed through their delightful artwork. What a treat!

Joanne Robertson, author of 'The Water Walker' was the guest of honour for the evening. She joined the students at their school before the event, read her book and answered many, many questions. In her book Joanne has written about  Josephine Mandamin, an Anishabaabewe grandmother who undertook a sacred walk, blessing the waters as she travelled 10,900 miles around the five Great Lakes.

Karen Rathwell from Wellington Water Watchers was present and a a very interesting evening was had by all. Activism through Art!  

Let it go - let it flow!

Why buy beautiful cards when you can create your own in a couple of hours? Try a 'Make it and Take it' workshop using thesebeautiful inks.
Call for information. 519-400-7456

There's lots happening in the amazing world of Art Journaling!

This is an old art form that is making a comeback due to its healing and restorative properties! There are ongoing workshops so please let me know if you can join in the fun.

Please take a look at the latest pictures on the 'Creativity Matters' website. Please don't forget to LIKE!



One way to begin an art journal if the idea is new to you, is to define your intention. What do you need to do next? Where is your life taking you? Simply find some words and pictures or create your your own, then choose a few amazing art materials and go from there.

Art Increases Brain Connectivity and Plasticity


Every time you engage in a new or complex activity, your brain creates new connections between brain cells. Your brain’s ability to grow connections and change throughout your lifetime is called brain plasticity or neuroplasticity.

Creating art stimulates communication between various parts of the brain. In this way, creating art has been proven to increase psychological resilience and resistance to stress.  Plus - it just feels good!

Thanks to the staff at Fionn MacCool, Guelph, for great service and for providing a perfect room for us!

'Fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon!" - Beth

"I liked the entire afternoon - setting, climate, sense of calm, friendly buzz and an opportunity to let go and create." Alison

"I liked the relaxed atmosphere and having something to take home. 'A great variety of possibilities." Barb

"Relaxing, fun and therapeutic with my friends." Alison M.

"'Fun as I expected, and what a perfect setting." Cheryl

Are you looking for a social gathering that is unique?

Have fun with a group of friends or colleagues at a local pub or restaurant, or perhaps an art party in your own home?                       

Collage is so easy, and everyone goes home with an original piece of art. No two are ever alike.

`Do you have some favourite paper dinner napkins to spare? Paper napkins or serviettes are a great way to start! Simply remove the top layer and create a collage with them! Get inspired! Get creative!

Another enjoyable Art Event at Fionn MacCool's, Guelph.